A few simple examples...

Colour template manager
Allow users to create new templates from predefined already created templates, templates are made in another custom package.
Template manager

Accounts manager
Created to help manage a companies client list and accounts before automatically creating and emailing out overdue monthly statements.
Accounts manager

Stock control and order manager for Apple Mac
This application was spcifically created for a director who only uses Apple Macbooks, he wanted to connect to the main database that his employees were using on their Windows machines.
Stock control

Production order software
Developed to manage the production or manufacturing formulas with the correct products formula quantities, the chart shows at a glance each formula monthly production rate.
Production manager

EPoS with barcoding software
Designed to be as simple as possible to use with a Bluetooth barcode scanner. The layout has vastly changed since this screenshot was originally taken.
EPoS software

Customer orders system
A simple to use multiple location customer orders system that was created in for both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. It allows for the creation and printing of new customer orders, or if need be you can also edit previous orders.
Customer orders system

Job card software
This project was commissioned so that a custom metal manufacturing firm could improve productivity and job tracking orders for their client jobs. Previously they were using pen and paper.
Job card software

Sales order application for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS
This application as created to allow the companies sales team to track particular client orders instantly and more proficiently than ever before, previously they were doing it manually.
Sales monitoring software

Stock control software
This program includes invoicing, purchasing orders, stock system and also a contact manager to help run an entire business.
Stock control solution

Warehouse packing and shipping label software (12" touch screen enabled)
We were asked by a packing company to create an extremely simple to use warehouse package that processes their online orders. Once the items have been selected, processed and packed, the software prints the relevant (TNT, UPS, DHL Parcel Force etc) packaging labels.
Customer orders system

Purchase order software
We created this for a company that needed an easy way to track purchase orders. From creating the initial purchase order from suppliers, to barcode tracking each order item through the system to one of their two warehouse.
Purchase order software

Remote warehouse manager
Created for a firm with multiple warehouse locations. They needed an easy way to create and print picking lists to the correct warehouse ready for multiple couriers to collection.
Remote warehouse manager

Plus much more...